The #1 in
mobile app design

Truepixel is your digital transformation partner. From startups to fortune 500's we've created over 50 million dollars in best-in-class solutions that drive profits

How we surpass our competitors

The #1 in mobile app design

Our design team won #1 in Adobe's global mobile app design competition. Need we say more?

Proprietary product development process

Our unique process ensures alignment between business goals and solution enabling the product to hit the ground running reducing costly iterations

Pair engineering at no additional cost

We have the ability to deploy 5 to 500 IT professionals on any given project. Inheritly this scaling capability allows us to deploy both pair and mob engineering teams.


TruePixel’s analytical assessment encompasses various digital transformation challenges from product development lifecycles to cybersecurity threats our Systematic Inventive Thinking, layered with MIT’s discovery process identifies a broad-spectrum of options.

Corporate mobility
Process automation

Product development
IT infrastructure
Smart cities
Integrated branding



Our project design applies the KISS principle on developing an optimum intuitive user experience. This minimalistic philosophy and principal in the approach offers a deeper level of application user engagement.


Mobile & web applications
UI/UX  expertise
IOT hardware devices

Engineer Prototype

Our turn-key product development takes your “napkin” ideas through our in-house processes of layout, design, engineering, coding, assembly to final prototype.

We welcome your napkins!

5G applications
IOT applications
Artificial intelligence(AI)
ERP and MES systems
Robotic process automation
Mobile applications
Web applications
System integration



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