We Design & Engineer the World's Most Intelligent Products

Since the early 80's , we have helped create over $5 billion in startup value and have led numerous Fortune 500 businesses through today's evolving digital landscape.

Top 6 Reasons Why Companies said they chose us over our competitors like IDEO, FOG, Plastic Mobile

50% of the cost

50% of the cost of our competitors, we do this by offering many other incentives to our Global Talent.

We Build and Maintain

We have full time staff allocated to your project.

Intuitively Intelligent Designs

We won #1 spot in an Adobe's Global UI/UX Design competition.

World Class Credentials & Talent

We have on-boarded and developed our team with the best schools such as Stanford.

We Help You Pay for it

We help look for ways to finance your project.

Ultrafast Prototype Process

A Prototype within weeks.


At TPG group we experience customers at various stages of the product development lifecycle that include

Using Systematic Inventive Thinking combined with our MIT based rapid prototype process we are able to identify a broad spectrum of solutions for your challenge(s).

New Product Development

Product Design
Product Architecture and Engineering
Feasibility analysis
Marketing Research and Analysis
Branding and Naming
Packaging Design
Systematic Inventive Thinking(SIT)
Design Thinking


In every project, we focus our energy on developing super simple design layouts which make for an elated yet intuitive user experience. This result isn’t just a graphic designer making things look pretty, but a deeper dive into understanding how your users will value your offering and how it will feel and look.

We have been designing for companies in Toronto, San Francisco and many other super technology cities around the world. Isn’t time you involved us for a better customer experience?


Enterprise Applications
Web Development


Designing and building a software or hardware isn’t a simple walk in the park. It requires a team of dedicated engineers and architect’s to deliver a bug-free product through an iterative rapid prototyping process.

We know it’s impossible for any company to deliver a perfect product the first time around though through small pain incremental steps we promise to make your experience a pain-free one!  Send us your project details.


Web Apps
Mobile Apps
ERP MES Layers
Enterprise Solutions
Artificial Intelligence


Consoles & Interfaces
IOT Devices

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