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It was 30 years ago when Sheraz Khan and Aquib Khan discussed starting a technology company during the bedroom chit-chat in the dead of night. Two brothers lost their parents as the technology in those days was not so advanced.  Today, they both have their own product companies dealing with advisory & consulting, website development and cybersecurity, etc. Known to believe in lifelong learning philosophy, they attended specialized technology and product development programs from the prestigious Stanford and Harvard University.

Our early founders even helped design the first coloured mouse after introducing the first colour laptop in Canada. They are known to create an impeccable design with the application of their design first methodology.

mobile app development company in toronto

Born in 1989

27 member team

Digital Transformation Company In Toronto

16 ethnicities represented

Data analytics services

6 Technology awards won

Breaking Bread Together

Our culture reflects one of teamwork and mutual trust.  We take trust personally as it is one of the major ingredients in developing a winning team.  Our organization focuses on eating, working and playing together so that trust is built throughout our working careers.

Technology is in embedded in our DNA

We have been involved in technology and product development from the early 80’s and our team was the first to introduce the first coloured TFT laptop to Canada.  We also helped introduce our very own accounting software when typewriters were being phased out.  Our lineage and experience spans decades and has kept us ready to face any challenge you may have.

We designed and developed the World's first NFC business card

We are a team of innovators and product engineers who think about how to bring ideas to life.  In our spare time we as data driven scientist look at real world challenges and figure out valuable solutions.  The essence of our organization isn’t just to build our bottom line but also to improve the life of everyday humans and elevating humanity one step at a time.  

Executive Team

Aqib Khan

Aqib Khan


Jay Bala

Jay Bala


John Jais


Kazi Shams


Sheraz Khan