Benefits of Wireframe
May 7, 2020
Benefits of Wireframe

The wireframe can be compared to a blueprint of the application. It depicts the sketch and the outline of the application. A wireframe is a low-fidelity rendering of the actual application. So, it does not provide complete detail of the app. Boxes are used to represent the images/section and Lorem ipsum is used to represent the text/heading.

 Benefits of Wireframe

Benefits of Wireframe

Quick and cheap
Quick and cheap Wireframe consumes way less time and is cost-effective. One can plan and create a basic structure of the application before initiating the actual work. This saves a lot of time and in case any changes are needed it doesn’t cost you much time and effort.

Understand the project objective:
Wireframe gives an idea of the project at a very early stage. This helps to understand the core of the application and the primary goal.

Analysis and discussion:
Wireframe becomes quite useful while discussing, analyzing, and communicating the ideas with the team and client.

Feedback at the initial stage:
The wireframe is the base of any application. It is the first and foremost thing done that depicts the core of the application. So, one can get feedback about the project at a very early stage.

Set a Direction:
Benefits of Wireframe Provide the direction of the application development, design, and features.