Brand Makeover: How we brought West-Tech into the 21st century as a company
June 20, 2018

The company has a hard-working, top notch facility that produces only the highest quality goods; we realized when we took a trip to see for ourselves.

But they could easily fool anyone by their website and their brand statements. It wasn’t anything like the company itself or what it stood for. Bob Ford, CEO of West-Tech Finishing Inc., knew that when he came to us. He knew the current website wasn’t doing enough and not bringing in the business the company deserves.

That’s when True Pixel dove in to rebrand, revamp and reshape West-Tech for the 21st century.

In a survey, 41 per cent of small businesses reported they don’t have a website because the “business currently does not need one.” But whether the good is sold exclusively in stores or the company has a total of two employees, not having a website is one of the biggest marketing mistakes a business can make.

According to Profit Works, 93 per cent of business purchase decisions starts with a search engine inquiry, even if the consumer does not shop online.

Today, we live in a time where everyone does, at the minimum, a quick search before making a purchase to choose the most for their money. A website creates visibility and credibility for the company.

A website is the company’s identity. It is not only how people find the company, but also how they learn about it.



Before we could get to designing a website for West-Tech, we conducted a thorough market study to learn more about competitors and the industry’s best practices. The goal was to reposition the company as a prestigious player in the industry and into the hearts and minds of their target customers.

The great thing about websites and the Internet is that it evens the playing field between the big players and the small guys. Now, they can actually compete. In fact, many big companies fail to realize the importance of web presence and can easily lose to the small businesses with vibrant online personalities.

For West-Tech, the study allowed us to create a brand strategic platform to direct all future strategic and tactical solutions, such as a marketing plan and other marketing material development. We continued to use the same platform guideline to design the company logo, business card, brochure and e-signature. By using a guideline, we revamp the brand image while staying true to the company and consistent throughout all platforms.


We made sure to emphasize the company’s great assets like having commanding production lead times without comprising on quality and their efforts to maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly practice and facility.

A good website shows the company cares. And perhaps a bad website is even worse than no website. A website can build lasting impressions, consumer relationships and can create international opportunities through its global, endless reach.

Having no website makes the company and business look small and unprofessional.