Baby Pigs try to save fish ! lets reshape the world with machine learning !

The term machine learning may not mean much to a layman. But, when we say Artificial Intelligence (AI), the notorious image like the blockbuster hits Terminator, and the character of Skynet will pop up your head. If you are a bit optimistic about these technologies, your mind may fill up with the futuristic movies like […]

Watch couple salsa dancing during a pandemic , we can do the same and use technology to stay connected.

Social distancing is a new word that’s entered our vocabulary in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s become important to flattening the curve of COVID-19 infections and exiting the lockdown. How can organizations encourage or even enforce social distancing? Having assigned staff run around your offices, stores, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities admonishing employees, customers, […]

Are you a coding Junkie? Break the mold with these top 6 mobile development languages

1. Kotlin This language has been in existence since 2010 as an alternative to Java. In May 2017, Google introduced Kotlin as an official language for Android development, and it is currently gaining traction. Its simplified syntax and orientation on purely mobile development make processes faster and more efficient than in Java. Thus, many Android […]

Stop creepers from spying on you. Physical Cybersecurity is the answer.

When using mobile applications we often give them certain permissions to be able to enjoy the features they provide. Have you ever wondered what happens when you are not using those features? Do they really restrict themselves until you come back? Many of us assume our privacy is taken care of when we check the […]

Fight Food Cravings with This Mobile App and Keep Obesity at Bay!

As life becomes easier, the world is growing fatter. Obesity is a global epidemic that is depriving the quality of life dramatically. Digital transformation has continued to play a significant role in making human lives comfortable but that being said we are only focusing to make the outer world look easy to live in. It […]