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We are a leading digital transformation company in Toronto that speciazlies in delivering high quality user experiences.

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We are a digital transformation consulting company located in Toronto

We provide digital transformation consultancy services including advanced workshops by subject-matter experts(SMEs). We help companies formulate and support the buildout of their digital transformation strategy.

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Multinational Manufacturing Company, Engine Manufacturer, USA

Challenge Addressed:

Assessed and identified vulnerabilities in their industrial control systems including firewalls, routers, switches, wireless access points, backend servers and operator consoles.

Services Leveraged:

How We Delivered:

Once the initial review and assessment was performed, TrueSecurity provided a report including a set of prioritised recommendations on how to remediate the vulnerabilities.

The customer then approved the prioritized recommendations provided by our in-house experts and a remediation plan was put into action.

We developed a security program with their management team to improve the security of their operations.

We are extremely satisfied with the work completed by TrueSecurity’s OT cyber security team. We are very confident in their abilities and deep domain knowledge of our industry. Chief Information Security Officer, Fortune 500 Engine Manufacturer, USA

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