Fight Food Cravings with This Mobile App and Keep Obesity at Bay!

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As life becomes easier, the world is growing fatter. Obesity is a global epidemic that is depriving the quality of life dramatically. Digital transformation has continued to play a significant role in making human lives comfortable but that being said we are only focusing to make the outer world look easy to live in. It is important to also look at the body that is dealing with the outer world. If our body is not healthy, we won’t enjoy life to the fullest no matter how pleasing we make our world to the eyes

As per the reports provided by CDC, for adults 20 years and older, the crude obesity rate was 39.8%. Including the obese, 71.6% of all American adults, age 20 and above were overweight. Another report predicts obesity is likely to reach 50% by 2030 in the US. Obesity is a major health problem that needs to be dealt with by serious thought promoted leadership that exposes the root cause and brings down the trajectory of unhealthy lifestyle people have developed around the world.

Aqib Khan, CEO of Toronto’s top mobile app development company, is making an initiative in this direction with his team to develop a revolutionizing solution that can solve the major health epidemic by its root. It often hits like a brick when you realize how obesity is deteriorating your happy life. He is one of the challengers who have personally come face-to-face with this issue. Hence, he very well knows the difficulties he dealt with in his weight loss journey to successfully lose 49 pounds! He is now a big supporter of healthy living and dedicates his life to digitally transform the world through thought leadership.

Mobile App Development

Introducing ShredX mobile app that tracks your eating habits and alerts you every time you are about to consume food that is not good for your health. The app majorly focuses on the obesity health problem that seems impossible to manage. It is not to attack the problem as a whole but the everyday habits we develop around it as it’s consequences. We never pay close attention to the minute steps we take in our lives. Our subconscious decisions are often unaware of the future consequences. It is our attempt to bring awareness to what goes into the body. So that we make conscious decisions about ourselves and turn life to an obese-free lifestyle.

Weight loss happens when the net calories consumed are less than the required calories to maintain the weight. It means, if you require 2000 calories to maintain the weight, you want to consume fewer calories for the body to move into ketosis. This is where your body starts to burn calories stored in your body as fat. The app uses augmented reality technology to bring out nutritional details your food is made of. The real-time on-the-go recommendation makes it possible to help you change your eating habits with ease by giving you all that you need to know to make the right choice! ShredX app uses your mobile’s camera to scan the food that is in front of you and identifies the different components. We then have the details about the nutrients it contains like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. The app will recommend you to go ahead and enjoy the meal if it falls right into your diet regime. Once you decide on having it or not based on what is recommended to you by the app, the app counts the calories intake for you and keeps your diet regime in tune for future recommendations.

Tune-in with your Medical History!

The app customizes itself as per the individual’s dietary habits, medical restrictions, and goals. It makes sure that the food you are about to consume or buy does not clash with the limitations you have that can drift you away from your goal or worsen your medical condition. Let’s say, you are allergic to a certain kind of vegetable. The app will record your limitations and optimize itself in your best interest to give you alternative options the moment a restricted veggie is identified in your food. This will save you from the everyday hustle of researching the right kind of meal that is meant for you.

Efficiently changing your habit for a healthy lifestyle!

Another amazing benefit the app provides you with is the ability to change your eating habits. Obesity can cause day-to-day problems which can leave you feeling very tired all day limiting you to cope up with your daily routine. The app does not add any efforts to follow. It works on the elimination strategy. It will restrict you by creating an alert whenever you are about to eat something that is making you more obese. Let’s say you scan a bottle of soft drink that contains calories of 140. The app will look at the calories remaining for the day and alerts you immediately when it tries to exceed. Alert messages like, “Do you really wanna have 140 kcal drink? That is one hour on Treadmill !!” can be efficient to wake up the conscious mind to make the right decision.

Your moral booster!

You are never a failure for ShredX. Most diet-related apps give you a diet course to follow, a list of groceries to buy. And you follow them without knowing the science behind it or acknowledging your limits. And the moment you fail to follow up your moral drops down that can make you feel as if another failure is added to your life. ShredX app works seamlessly adding value to your life goals by making you as an in-charge of your decisions. It is your goals and your actions that determine you are as a winner. ShredX app is here to help you achieve that by eliminating the hustle of keeping track of your journey by just one scan and boost your motive via factual information to keep you going.


The Fight against Psychological barrier

Studies have shown that obese people are likely to have symptoms of depression which can make them ignorant about their health. The mobile app development team is continuously monitoring this challenge and working for a solution around it so that the wall of dismissive psychology can be broken down.

Unidentified Food

There are a large number of cuisines that are evolving around the world and use a vast variety of food. Managing the database becomes a challenge for the app to work efficiently in case there is an unidentified local food which is not a part of the database. For instance, the calories found in the same type of food could significantly vary based on the location it was produced. Thus, making the calories count a challenge to follow up.

Using AI in mobile app development

The mobile app development company is taking initiatives to introduce AI into ShredX mobile app. This will enhance and expose the customer experience to new dimensions. AI-Powered ShredX app will work around the given challenges and implement high-level user experience by integrating your personal dietician who will analyze your daily routine through the simple act of scanning pictures of food by you. And instead of you reading the alerts and information needed to make the decision, the AI-enabled dietician will be available for you to have a one-to-one session whenever you want. It will also track your goal and suggest changes to expedite your journey towards your goal.


Emerging technologies are profoundly promising in confronting the global epidemic. True Pixel Group is working vigorously in transforming the world through thought leadership promoting humanity at large. ShredX mobile app solves the purpose by optimizing itself to serve each individual separately with their own pace and goals. Our health is in our own hands. Not the doctors, not the dieticians, but us. And so is our responsibility to be well aware of how the surroundings are affecting our wellbeing and take action!

Are you stuck on a challenge and unsure if technology can help you solve it? Maybe we can help. Share it with us at TruePixelGroup and let your challenge meet the possibility!