High Tech Solutions

In 2018, one of the big three from the Auto Industry presented TPG with a technology challenge. The challenged involved improving the efficiencies at the dealership level while providing deep analytics into the overall sales and service operations.

Kudos to the customer for:

  • Identifying a company which was able to use its deep domain knowledge in embedded system translate it into a fully functional hardware and software integrated solution

Where are you on the technology readiness curve?

Riveting Facts

Industry data that will make you say "Wow"

By 2025, 4/5 companies are expected to have a mobile App

75% of executive decision makers base buying decisions on how the companies visualize the offering on their website.

Services we Offer

We can provide you a broad set of solutions

Assessments & Consulting
Creating Technology Roadmaps
Mobile & Web Application Development
Ecommerce & ERP custom solutions
Web & Mobile application Design
Systems Integration

What's our "Zag"

Having ranked no. 1 in the world for produact design by Adobe gives us an unequal advantage of designing something beyond great!

Our deep domain knowledge and strong OEM partnerships in specialized industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and retail allow us to provide intelligent solutions that integrate seamlessly.

Customer Success Story

Large, Multinational Pet Food Manufacturer

Challenge Addressed

Design & develop a website solution with AI intelligence to increase sales.

Services leveraged

  • Ecommerce design & development
  • Buyer behavior study
  • AI integration & Machine Learning
  • SEO optimization 

How we delivered

Delivered a website solution that exceeded the requirements which led to an increase of sales by 14% in Q1 and Q2 in the first year.

Get Smarter

5-minute reads that demonstrate how Mobile & Web technology can lead to business growth

How a great web experience leads to more profitable customers!

Why are mobile Apps more effective at capturing and closing deals ?