How Does Meditation Can Make You More Creative?
June 10, 2020
How Meditation Can Make does You More Creative?

The meditation techniques below are designed to help you harness creativity by encouraging you to take time to pause and bring a more intentional approach to your work. They’ll help you cultivate a designer’s mind, characterized by:

How Meditation Can Make does You More Creative?

– An open and curious mindset that can look at challenges from many angles.
– A rigorous and organized methodology for thinking holistically about a problem.
– Clear visual and verbal communication skills to work through and articulate potential solutions.
– A positive and optimistic outlook that can transform problems into solutions.

Here are 3 exercises to try out that should kick start your creativity:

1: If you’re feeling stuck with a problem you’ve been working on, taking a walk around the block or grabbing a breath of fresh air are both useful exercises because they allow you to leave a problem behind and come back to it with fresh eyes. In that same vein, this first exercise is a highly visual and engaging way to clear some of the noise in your head.


2. Sometimes when you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list, the natural tendency is to work harder and longer and sacrifice things like taking walks, having an enjoyable lunch with a friend, or taking the time to let your mind wander. This exercise is designed to instill a feeling of optimism and positivity throughout your mind and body.

3. Find a ball of clay or something else you can sculpt with your hands. You want it to be about two inches in diameter.

With your eyes closed, hold the clay in your lap with both hands in front of you. Imagine that the ball of clay represents that challenge or problem you want to focus on. Take a minute to warm up the clay with your hands, not thinking too hard, just move the clay around and allow it to grow into different forms.