How to prevent SQL injection?
May 15, 2020
How to prevent SQL injection?

SQL injection is one of the most common ways of hacking websites and web applications. In this, the attacker injects and executes a malicious SQL code that provides him access to the web application’s database.

 How to prevent SQL injection?


How to prevent SQL injection?

Sanitizing and validation
Sanitizing and validation are used to check the user input and prevent any kind of malicious injection. They are considered to be the best coding practice for the security of the web application.

Update and patch management
Hackers discover new vulnerabilities to inject malicious SQL codes. Thus, it is quintessential to update the software and patches.

Using a web application firewall
Web application firewall filters out the malicious data and codes keeping the application safe. It runs on a set of rules that can be changed and updated when necessary.

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How to prevent SQL injection?)