Let’s End Mass Shootings. This is How a Digital Transformation Company visualizes its demise.
July 29, 2020

Weapons that disable itself if used for mass shooting!

Owning a gun can be both good and bad. It all comes down to what your intentions are and how you use it. Recent Mass shooting at a funeral in Chicago is one of many tragic incidents that has taken place this year leaving no doubts on how catastrophic the issue of gun violence is that is spreading across the country. Who would have thought, the friends and families who gathered to mourn the victim of violence, will become the victim themselves? List of mass shootings this year tells us the grime reality in itself anticipating an awful future ahead if we do not act now. 

Many companies in the past have come up with various kinds of trigger lock technologies which are mainly focused on curbing the loss of lives due to accidental shots. But it turns out that these same trigger locks can become a potential threat if put into place on a loaded gun, making the gun more dangerous than it was before. Keeping in mind the limitations of these trigger locks and the determination to solve the mass shooting problem at large, a Toronto based digital transformation consultant company is proposing a completely new kind of trigger lock. These locks work wonders in favor of those who use a gun for self-defense whereas disarm those who use a gun to break mass shooting!

Digitally transforming guns via Repeater-locks!

On average, most self-defense shootings involve two shots, which is significantly lower than the number of shots involved in a mass shooting. The challenge we are focusing on is to keep the number of shots per firearm in check, to demilitarize gang members from involving in any kind of gun violence. This is where Repeater-lock comes into play.

Repeater-locks are first of its kind which uses technologies involving gyro sensor chips that can count the number of cartridges shot from a firearm. These locks sit firmly on the action part of the gun giving it a sleek look without adding extra weight while efficiently disabling the gun when it becomes a threat to the public. The action part of the gun contains parts, including a trigger, that is responsible for the firing. Unlike any other trigger-locks, it does not make your gun helpless in times of self-defense. Gyro sensors installed in these locks are programmed and well-integrated into the recoiling mechanism of the gun. These sensors record every time the gun recoils after a shot, giving the exact number of shots fired. Repeater-lock locks the gun as soon as it reaches the firing limit of the day and sets back to the initial unlock position only after 24 hours.

Then what about the guns already manufactured?

Repeater-locks are easily integrated. Our technology advisory group is working closely to leave no stones unturned. The guns which are already in the market will be modded with an add-on mandated by the law. These guns will be modified to integrate Repeater-lock to the trigger action so that it works efficiently like a newly manufactured gun.

But How Repeater-locks can solve the Mass Shooting problem?

Mass shootings involve multiple weapons being shot multiple times. Most mass shootings that took place to date were committed with assault rifles, semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and handguns. And in all these mass shootings, about 74% of the firearms involved were obtained by legal means. Usually, the weapons are bought for either hunting and sports shooting or as a means of self-defense. So we want to attack the problem right at the point of manufacturing. 

Repeater-lock enabled weapons will serve this purpose by locking the firearms as soon as 5 shots are made. The sensors in the Repeater-lock ensure the counting of fire whereas the locking mechanism inside the repeater-lock ensures that the trigger cannot make another fire. If repeater-locks are made mandatory by the government, there will be a significant drop in the number of shots per weapon in a day. Thus, giving ample time to the police forces to reach and manage a sudden outbreak of gun-violence such as mass shootings. 

Challenges in Our Way

Despite having the ability to significantly drop down the number of shots fired during a mass shooting, the technology advisory team is working vigorously on the challenges to solve the issue of mass shootings on a large scale. 

Gun hackers

There is no doubt that gang members of gun violence will not try to dismantle these kinds of locks which restrict them from committing violence in the name of vengeance. It is, therefore, important to ensure that Repeater-locks are hack-free i.e. it cannot be removed or damaged without damaging the gun.

Smuggling guns

Guns that are illegally brought to the US may not have repeater-locks installed in them as they are a manufacturing products of a different country. It is, therefore, an issue in itself and must be located and managed to follow up with the law.

Ghost guns

These are the guns that are assembled by the gunman himself to make a modified gun of his choice. Ghost guns are legal in some parts of the US. It is, therefore, mandatory to keep track of these guns and have repeater-locks installed.

A light towards future guns!

Mass shooting is not something that will go away at once. It will take many attempts to finally come up with a solution that makes our weapon safe to use. And so we are determined to take our vision of killing gun-violence to the next level. Repeater-locks success will be our first step towards safe weapons. The second phase of the prototype focuses on improving the weapons by introducing GPS trackers that will monitor its location. The moment a person enters a shooting area, like a shooting range, the gun automatically sets to multiple shots allowing the person to enjoy recreational sporting activities without hindrance. In case it is in the area where shooting can cause mass destruction such as schools, shopping malls, stadiums, etc., the gun will move back to repeater-lock settings limiting the shots to 5 and saving the lives of millions.


Americans have never been more politically engaged in the issue of gun violence. And yet, attempts of widespread gun-control laws keep hitting a brick wall. And so we attempt to make a technological approach for the safety of humans. The cycle of violence, guns, and gangs across the US is increasing rapidly on a new level which must be stopped at all costs. With digital transformation, we foster humanity through leadership. Repeater-locks have a great potential to manage mass shooting by simply modifying the guns with technologies like repeater-locks. It may not completely solve the problem but saving one life because of Repeater-lock is worth a shot!

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