Using AR to boost customer engagement

With over 2,000 brands across a wide range of markets, Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company. Their products are sold in 189 countries around the globe and include such items as coffee, bottled water, breakfast cereals, soups and sauces, and even pet food. To improve user engagement among Nestlé customers, we developed an augmented reality (AR) mobile application that took the company’s packaging to new heights by targeting ethnic groups based on religious holidays. In addition to eliminating costly multi-ethnic packaging, the solution engaged customers from various faiths on a more personal level.

“The Team at TPG presented us a concept that we were pleasantly surprised with. The concept and method of delivery were top notch. I was amazed by the pioneering technology solution they were able to deliver, and they did a fantastic job implementing it.”

Increasing incremental sales

In the CPG industry, the impact to incremental sales is a key requirement in many marketing and technology solutions during the review process. TPG was able to positively impact incremental sales by over 13% in the particular product category while also driving customer engagement by more than 110%.

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