Bespoke Digital Design

Hacoupian Clothing Industrial Unit designs and manufactures men’s clothing under the brand names Hacoupian and Norashen. The winner of more than 30 international awards over the past two years, Hacoupian has 24 store locations across Iran, including 8 in the capital city. The brand is headquartered in Tehran and has a workforce of 800 people.

“TPG created an exceptional solution whereby our sales and tracking improved. We were able to understand how our website influenced sales and better track our digital marketing spend. Our Tailor app helped to reduce our product rework and improve our customer service reviews, which we feel have helped us compete globally.”

Yourik Hacoupian

Responsive Design

With many customers opting to shop on mobile devices, Hacoupian needed a mobile-friendly e-commerce platform. We developed a custom responsive solution that provides users with an exceptional experience across all devices, including a function that changes the language based on the location of the IP address.

Groundbreaking Tools

As a menswear company, it’s important that Hacoupian offer customers sizing support. Our innovative application is the world’s first one-click tool that can estimate measurements based on a photograph to create a bespoke suit.

Customized Plugins

To enhance the user experience and optimize Hacoupian sales, we developed plugins that enable customers to fully customize their suits to meet their needs.


March 2017

The new digital DLS and UI Toolkit is implemented at TPG.

December 2017

The TPG Connect app launches in app stores.

March 2018

TPG Offroad Precision app launches in app stores.

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