Job4Job is a platform that facilitates the exchange of skills and services between people.

“Aqib and his team at TPG were able to help me create a complete end to end solution from just a simple idea on a napkin. They mapped out the complete product end to end and even collected customer feedback prior to coding out the project. I’ve experienced many development companies locally and abroad, and I feel that these guys are the only ones in Toronto who can truly take your idea from infancy to product level in no time.”

Jayson Rao – Co-founder

Rebranding the company

Putting user experience at the forefront

Creating engaging video content

The company came to TPG to develop a brand that would resonate with their target demographic of adults over the age of 25. We offered branding support, developed a custom web app optimized for user experience, and created video content that positions Job4Job as a professional, yet an approachable player in the industry.

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