RealTime Medical

Digitizing Healthcare

RealTime Medical is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging workflow management. Working with hospitals across North America and Europe, they offer radiology solutions created by and for radiologists.

“True Pixel's team was professional and astute. They were able to guide us through the product development process and ultimately gave us the edge to compete against other substitute solutions.”

– VP of Technology

Revamping the brand

In the highly competitive health care tech space, Real Time Medical’s outdated branding was no longer sufficient. By taking a deep dive into their value chain and competitive offering, we were able to translate this into a visual that encompassed the company directive through bright colours and a techy screen view of a PC.

Enhancing user experience

To improve the experience for both the customer and the end user, TPG focused on improving turnaround times for image reading. We created an optimized workflow that is simple but intuitive, allowing health care practitioners to efficiently complete their analysis and written review.

Improving communication

Communication is critical in health care settings. For this reason, we ensured that our customized web application facilitates simple and effective communication between key stakeholders, including hospitals, radiologists, and patients.

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