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Based in Oakville, Reset is a branding and design agency with over 20 years’ worth of experience both on a national and multinational level.
 Reset believes design is a galvanizing force for all your brand’s strengths and values. Those thoughts and feelings about your brand stimulate. The design is what deepens and cements them into the hands and consciousness of the consumer. The history, feelings and promise of a brand mean something. What does that look like? At its finest, the design is a 3-D snapshot of everything your brand stands for.

"These guys get it: Good design can get you anywhere fast. They met all our brand guidelines and added value with great ideas and perspectives. I found True Pixel to be experts in the art of translating visuals into flawless digital works of art.”

John Mizolek, CEO

What they do

Reset is known for their innovative ideas, so when they came to True Pixel for services, we made sure to deliver. We created a custom, mobile-friendly website with seamless scrolling, UI design and UX strategy that would fit their brand and reputation.

What they Envisioned

Reset came to True Pixel Group for a website that would match their brand and reputation. Reset wanted a custom yet responsive website design with flawless scrolling.

What we engineered

True Pixel Group created a custom website design with mobile responsiveness, seamless scrolling, UI design, and UX strategy. It’s equal parts bold, innovative, and professional – just like Reset.

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