Anodizing Their Future into Digital

An industry veteran with over 25 years experience, West-Tech Finishing specializes in the surface treatment of aluminium and serves clients in industries including automotive, printing, aerospace, medical, and electronics.

"Our customers give us compliments and love our stuff. They even asked for True Pixel contacts, as they need work done as well."

Bob Ford, General Manager

What they do

West-Tech has grown significantly since its days as a startup – but its brand simply didn’t keep up. They came to True Pixel Group to bridge the gap between what it looked like they could do, and what they were actually doing.

What they Envisioned

True Pixel helped them reposition the brand so they could stand out as an industry leader. We did this through developing marketing strategies and a marketing plan, brand strategy and branding, along with a new website that’s currently under construction.

What we engineered

TPG worked with West-Tech to reposition the brand by developing comprehensive branding and marketing strategies and entirely new website design. While implementation is still under way, we’re confident that the result will allow the company to stand out as the industry leader it is.

Let’s make something great together.

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