Para 1: Helping Twitter Monitize
June 21, 2018

I have spent many hours contemplating, how can Twitter a big ball of communication make money? How can they sustain?  Well, I heard so many ideas from so many different people and what seemed very obvious was their Data.  I have heard this all too often that if you just build it and have many users you can just “Sell the Data”.  It’s not exactly that simple and many are stuck in this pipe dream.

So what I have conceptualized is the following.  This is how I suggest Twitter use its text and imaging power to push the envelope.

The picture I attached will help to help get the point across.  Many pictures today have many articles in it, many of which people share because they are excited to “show and tell”, so the idea is pretty simple, show me and tell me about it but then let me know how I can experience/buy the product as well.

Obama to some is wearing some pretty slick looking gear and shades, what happens if this algorithm can figure out what is being worn and connect what you see to online purchasing engines.  We are by nature impulse driven and this can definitely open a new opportunity.