In 2019, a large financial institution had requested True Security to conduct a penetration test on their firewalls. The test uncovered several vulnerabilities in their systems. A post mortem analysis with a C-suite officer was done and some of the key takeaways are listed below.

Kudos to our customer for:

  • Overcoming the mindset that financial institutions are impenetrable
  • Taking affirmative action based on a strategic roadmap to improve their security posture

What's your Cybersecurity Posture?

Riveting Facts

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Cybercrime damages $6 Trillion by 2021

- Cybersecurity ventures


of companies are improperly equipped to deal with a cybersecurity attack - PWC


Is the avg cost of remediation from a cybersecurity attack. - CDW

Services we offer

Our compliance experts can prepare you for industry
and regional directives.


Controls Based
Audit gaps using NIST & ISO frameworks and HIPAA compliance

Vulnerability Scanning
Detect flaws in your environment

Penetration Testing
Test how secure is your environment

Strategy & Roadmap

Assessment Analysis
A deep review of the of your systems to understand the risk

Program Development
Develop a step by step roadmap of what to execute on based on priorities


Program Management
consult on implementation

Project Management
Coordinating and managing the resources to implement the program

What's our "Zag"

We draw from our extensive experience and deep domain knowledge in critical infrastructure, healthcare, and manufacturing.

We use our expertise to identify the risks in critical systems and assess what threats you will encounter.

We work with OEMs and control system vendors during R&D phase to identify new vulnerabilities before product release.

Customer Success Story

Multinational Fortune 500 company, engine manufacturer, US

Challenge Addressed

Assess and identify vulnerabilities for their enterprise information technology systems including their router switches, firewalls, and backend servers.

Services leveraged

  • Onsite service to resolve problem
  • Vulnerability scans
  • Passive and active scans
  • Penetration testing

How we delivered

Once the initial review and assessment was completed the customer was given a report including a prioritized roadmap on how to remediate the vulnerabilities. 

The customer approved the completion of work set out by our in-house cybersecurity experts and began to develop a plan to implement the recommendations. We completed the tasks within the rollout plan on budget and updated the client on their new security posture. 

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