Benefits of Prototype
May 11, 2020

The prototype is a working version of the application. It is a mid-to-high-fidelity design model of the actual application. It resembles all in-depth details, visualisation, and interactions just like the final application but without any mechanism.

Benefits of Prototype design

1. Practical: Prototype has a workable design, animations, effects, and interactions. This provides a practical and realistic idea of the app.

2. Removes lack:
Since prototypes are made to simulate the actual application, they are more accurate and removes lacks and ambiguity.

3. User Feedback: Prototype resembles the final product with all the details and features, it allows us to examine the user interaction just like the actual app. And we get the feedback before the actual development.

4. Roadmap:
Prototypes can be used for future reference for the functionality of the application. It helps the developers to understand how does a specific function works.

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