Executive Education

In 2018 a multinational consulting firm partnered with TrueSecurity, a subsidiary of TPG, to produce a speaker series on cybersecurity.

Kudos to our partner for:

Reviting Facts

Sharing of valuable information is the no. 1 proven method of building trust


CEOs are now responsible for digital transformation in their organization.


of c-suites agree that executive events are their primary source for information.

Services we Offer

Speak engagements at c-suite events

What's our "Zag"

Having ranked no. 1 in the world for software technology design by Adobe gives us the unparalleled advantage of designing a solution beyond great!

Our deep domain knowledge and strong OEM partnerships in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, infrastructure & retail allow us to provide intelligent solutions that integrate seamlessly.

Customer Success Story

Multinational law firm, USA

Challenge Addressed

Provide a keynote speaker for an event on cybersecurity audits.

Services leveraged

Place subject matter expert as keynote speaker  

How we delivered

Created and presented a thought provoking presentation on cybersecurity and impact across all levels of the organization from both IT & OT.

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