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We are the premiere OT cybersecurity company in Toronto. Our vast domain knowledge and subject matter expertise in our customers environments makes us one of the most sought after by both the Big 4 consulting groups and IT companies.

Your are not secure till TrueSecurity

Our team has over 30 years of Big 4 consulting experience including  over 40 years of implementing data security solutions for both the public and private sector.  Our company is comprised of subject matter experts that have the required industry knowledge to effectively secure all IT, OT and IOT environments. 

Our Mission  

To become global leaders in cybersecurity solving various threats, vulnerabilities and impacts of a cybersecurity.   Unlike many cybersecurity companies our organization takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity, identifying and remediate threats in IT, OT & IOT environments.

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Our World Class Expertise in cybersecurity

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Fortune 500 Experience

Our vast SMB & Fortune 500 Experience


Identified and patched vulnerability in historian system.


Patched and updated control systems vulnerabilities  


Identified and remediated risk with wireless peripherals and devices


Identified and remediated rogue devices on the control systems network


Identified and reconfigured vulnerable Database systems with public IP addresses to private


Identified major vulnerability exposing the e-commerce database systems to the internet

customer success story

Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company, Engine Manufacturer, USA

Challenge Addressed:

Assessed and identified vulnerabilities to their industrial control systems including firewalls, routers, switches, wire-less access points, back-end servers and operator consoles.

Services Leveraged:

How We Delivered:

Once the initial review and assessment was performed, TrueSecurity provided a report including a set of prioritised recommendations on how to remediate the vulnerabilities.

The customer then approved the prioritized recommendations provided by our in-house experts and a remediation plan was put into action.

We developed a security program with their management team to improve the security of their operations.

" We are extremely satisfied with the work completed by TrueSecurity’s OT cyber security team. We are very confident in their abilities and deep domain knowledge of our industry. " Chief Information Security Officer

our services

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Security assessment and planning

We delivers full-scale security assessment and planning services for the components of IT infrastructures: Web, mobile, desktop applications.

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Application security

Poorly coded and insufficiently protected applications can put a company at risk and result in data breaches. TruePixel offers their skills and knowledge in assessing and testing the security of applications (web, mobile, desktop), as well as finding ways to help their customers to achieve the effective protection of the corporate data stored locally or remotely.

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Network protection

We apply multiple defense layers to protect your corporate network and the sensitive data stored within it. TruePixel’s security engineers know various ways to keep your proprietary information safe and reduce the probability that you will have to experience successful attack attempts against your network.

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Risk Assessment

Identifying vulnerabilities and risks associated with Industrial control systems, human capital and legacy OT systems .

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Secure Architecture Design

We provide companies a secure architecture using ISA-99 (Purdue Model) to reduce the risk of a cyber incident.

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Program Development

We provide a prioritized roadmap which defines and directs manufacturers with developing an effective cybersecurity program.

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Program Implementation

We buildout an effective cybersecurity program following industry best practices such as NIST, ISA-99, and CIS to protect manufacturers from cyber-attacks.

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Penetration Testing

Identify system architecture weaknesses and vulnerabilities in manufacturing systems through cyber-attack simulations.

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Incident Response & Data Forensic

We provide expert resources to respond to cyber-attacks including ransomware both on premise and off premise 24/7, including a post mortem forensic analysis to understand both the depth and breadth of the breach.

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