Solve Racism and help BLM movement with Big Data
June 26, 2020


Racist behavior often results in racial discrimination, with its obvious negative consequences, ranging from simple neglect, or the avoidance of those believed to be different and inferior, to more explicit forms of harassment, exploitation, or exclusion. The gruesome death of George Floyd has shaken the world with how cruel racist behavior can become. Had it not been recorded by the people, no one could have spoken about the reality. With leading advancements in technologies brings a great deal of responsibility towards humanity. It has the power to bring such incidences to the limelight and support those who face the harsh brutality of racism daily but often go unnoticed. Hate crimes happening across the United States have agitated the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement demanding technologies like Big Data to play its vital role in securing the safety of black people and eradicating the problem from its root making such life-threatening events incapable to thrive. 

A Toronto based mobile app development company is trying to do big things by solving real-world problems at scale. Their mantra is to use technology to improve humanity at large. CEO of True Pixel Groups, who is also a leader in digital transformation, knows the seriousness of racial abuse. Inspired by his own experiences and the current prevailing issue with racism, the following proposed mobile app, aided by big data, can strip off the existence of racial discrimination from the world.

Reveal Racial Acts with ‘Call Out’

Introducing Call Out mobile app which uses Big Data Analytics as a tool to analyze the problem at ground level. The app allows people to stand in support of each other and against racial discrimination. This is achieved by generating reports the moment one witness a hate crime in public. It allows experts to make a decision based on the information that brings forth various hidden aspects around the problem when using heat maps as a tool for data visualizations.

Big Data heat maps mobile app

The first screen will show a global heat map that will display the distribution of hate crimes reported across the world. If a person witnesses a racial assault in public, they can immediately capture the scene with their mobile and pin it down on the city map to the exact spot where it’s happening, along with the details supporting the claim. This valuable report will then be added to our heat map database which will be monitored by the concerned authorities. 

Big Data heat maps

Heat maps exhibit the problem areas by forming clusters around the locations where the number of hate crimes is high. The towns and cities that are afflicted with the problem will be identified and the data will be sent to the local authorities for further investigation. The authorities will examine the root cause and create grass-root initiative measures in the welfare of society. Measures taken by the experts can be to invest in social services in communities of color, educate the community, call out for special investigation units, and other such resources as per the need by the location. This helps reassign the resources from the entire city to only specific locations where occurrences of racial discrimination are frequent. 

Racial discrimination has been a deep-rooted issue from the beginning of time and by integrating automated technology to identify problem areas we can begin with a precision approach in tackling the affected areas with various solutions. Call Out mobile app by TruePixel captures the crime happening on the spot, leaving no choice for it to go ignored resulting in crunching down the rate by which racism is happening. This is an app that will swish away the terror from people’s hearts when they move out of their homes, allowing them to feel safer in their colors because they are not alone in this fight. They are always supported by the people surrounding them.