TEC Canada Executive Committe 2019
February 22, 2019

Our CEO, Aqib Khan met many successful business executives and CEO’s of Canadian companies. His discussions with them included digital transformation, AI, IOT and branding and how they impact business sustainability and growth during good and recessionary time.

The key take away’s Aqib found useful –

A – Who are “cathedral builders” in your organizations
B – Hire 3 interns
C – Provide Vacation bonuses
D – Celebrate over archivers in your organizations, Share their accomplishments on social media profile
E – Train your staff
F – Deploy CRM
G – Review your financial analytics
H – Make Cyber security a priority, before you get hacked
I – Technology is a number 1 investment for small and medium size business According to business research
J – What’s your net promotor score
K – Ask your current employee about companies culture

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