Technology Challenges?

In 2017, TruePixel was asked by a multinational billion dollar food processor to develop a solution which could engage and grow a selected target market . Our team’s solution included an advanced AR mobile app with an integrated business and sales analytics dashboard to track incremental sales and other KPI's.

Kudos to Nestle for:

Kudos to the customer for:

  • Understanding the need to optimize their business process to better align with the technology solution.
  • Embracing innovation and technology advancement which led to an increase in incremental sales while growing brand equity.

Where is your company on the technology readiness curve?

Riveting Facts

Mind blowing facts that will make you say "Wow!"

$44 Billion

is the expected cost to advertisers in digital ad fraud by 2022.


of manufacturing in North America will require no human intervention by 2030

3 Billion

smartphone users in the world today (2019)

Services We Offer

Assess challenge & develop product roadmap

Automate business process improve

Legacy system Integration and support

Creating unique customer experiences(Cx)

What's our "Zag"

Having ranked no. 1 in the world for product design by Adobe gives us an unequal advantage of designing something beyond great!

Our deep domain knowledge and strong OEM partnerships in specialized industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and retail allow us to provide intelligent solutions that integrate seamlessly.

Customer Success Story

Large, Multi-national home automation company


Develop a technology product that would allow consumers to automate their existing blinds .

Services rendered

Product Development  consulting
Mobile application development
IoT device engineering
Firmware development
Server and IoT security

How we Delivered

  • An IoT solution which was able to motorize manually
    operated blinds through intuitive controls.
  • Engineered and developed an IOT device that integrated specialized features such as a solar panel to recharge itself, motion sensors to activate embedded lighting and detect gesturing.
  • Developed a mobile app that allows you to program the blind position based on sunlight direction at different times throughout the day. 

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