Are you a coding Junkie? Break the mold with these top 6 mobile development languages
June 4, 2020

1. Kotlin

This language has been in existence since 2010 as an alternative to Java. In May 2017, Google introduced Kotlin as an official language for Android development, and it is currently gaining traction.
Its simplified syntax and orientation on purely mobile development make processes faster and more efficient than in Java. Thus, many Android apps will be written in Kotlin.

 Top Mobile Development Programming Languages

2. Java
Java isn’t going away since it’s the main language for Android native apps. This object-oriented language will be still popular due to reusable code, platform independence, and API support.

3. Swift
Apple developed this language for native iOS applications, and currently, there’s no alternative. Its benefits are speed, ease of learning and maintenance, and open-source code.

 Top Mobile Development Programming Languages

4. Objective-C
Experienced developers still prefer this traditional and powerful iOS language to Swift. It’s good not only for mobile development but also for macOS.

5. HTML5 + JavaScript
This combination has gained popularity and always makes the list. It can be effectively used for mobile app creation. The main advantages are cross-platform compatibility, adaptiveness to different screen sizes, and high speed.

6. C#
Cross-platform mobile application development is gaining popularity as this approach is more convenient and profitable for businesses. In this respect, we can’t help saying about Xamarin — the leading open-source cross-platform framework, and a single language it uses — C#. The language C# is highly popular among developers as it allows them to create scalable, secure, and full-featured apps for all mobile platforms.

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