How to Increase Conversion Rate with Web Design?
April 27, 2020

1. Make Your Web Design Responsive
First web designing tips, In 2017 mobile traffic dominated the total global web traffic with 52.64%. This shows the importance of responsive websites. And if your website is not responsive, you’ll be losing a huge amount of audience.


2. Use Faces: Using faces on your website attracts the user’s attention as they convey emotions.

3. Testimonials and Reviews: If you want to boost your credibility and establish trust with your customers, testimonial and reviews are must-have on your webpage

So, add real testimonials of your services on the webpage.

4. Call to Action Button: Call to action button is a crucial element of your website.  Any interaction between you and your users happens through it.

5. Quality Content and Content Placement: The Quality content and placement of your content is a great tool to influence your customer’s decision. Research has shown that humans follow a visual pattern on the page.

6. Keep it Simple: One of the most important principles of web designing is to make it simple for your visitors to get what they want on the website.

7. Consistency in Colour, Branding, Images and Fonts: One thing that can destroy your web design is inconsistency and it even looks unprofessional.  Ensure that the elements of your page are consistent. The fonts style, type of images, colour scheme, logos, etc must be of the same style.

8. Choose the Right Colours: Colours tell a lot about you and your brand. They can attract the consumer’s attention and influence their buying behavior.